EXPOSING ‘HUNGRYLIPS’ HUNGRYWHORE was the title of ASMRCUTIEPIE‘s last video after deleting her channel. Recently, after Hungry lips’ channel was deactivated, she changed her name to “Hungry Lips” and started making videos imitating the original Hungry Lips.

In addition, she also made a video in the style of Hungry Lips last year to “mock her” but it went on to be her most popular video. It had at least 10x more views than her normal stuff so she deleted it.

You could tell ASMRCutiePie was very sensitive because she never enabled comments on her videos. For some reason she thought people would be on her side when she tried to steal Hungry Lips account name but it backfired on her. Most of the comments were saying how obsessed and crazy she was and the others were making fun of her for being fat.

I honestly think her envy of Hungry Lips pushed her past the point of sanity. She seriously sounded delusional in her last video.

She also made a new channel, which you can find here: SnackAttack ASMR
And her roleplay channel: ASMRRolePlayss


If anyone want any of her old videos, just let us know.