• Joseph

    i love you man!!

  • Slim Treble

    this is not worth the $

  • A-Non-iMouse

    i havent even given a single penny and I feel cheated. $700 and practically no bare skin?!?1/ For $700 she should AT LEAST be completely naked like BellaBrookz but cleverly hide dat puss. btw I bet $1200 is face reveal or pussy… jk its just gonna be her rubbing pasty covered nipples on the 3 D I O mic

    • Lelouch vi Britannia

      lmao… gotta love how she spent however much on the 3 d i o mic and used it for like 3 videos…. hopefully the dude charged the money back

  • Brady Arnold

    Boooo! I wish no one would have bought this because now it only encourages her to do more moronic shit like this. Seriously fam, you need to be demanding your money back!

  • Gummy_Grizzly

    This cost $700? For $700, I would expect her to at least be fully nude and show everything off.

    • Richard Symons

      For $700 not even fully nude is enough …. , for that bloody money you could hire a better looking hooker for a few hours of fun. She has a damn cheek asking that much and using it as advertising for her more expensive custom videos. Brain dead whoever pays that much for nothing regardless as to how well off someone is.

  • EddieWine

    For 22mins of shitty, non-nude kind ASMR. Dude should have spent it on a hooker instead, got a lot more for his money!

  • fucking lovely!

  • Gilberto

    for $700 she should fist is own ass

  • Albert Covington

    Anyone else got a hankerin’ for some pizza?!