• Joseph

    i love you man!!

  • Slim Treble

    this is not worth the $

  • A-Non-iMouse

    i havent even given a single penny and I feel cheated. $700 and practically no bare skin?!?1/ For $700 she should AT LEAST be completely naked like BellaBrookz but cleverly hide dat puss. btw I bet $1200 is face reveal or pussy… jk its just gonna be her rubbing pasty covered nipples on the 3 D I O mic

    • Lelouch vi Britannia

      lmao… gotta love how she spent however much on the 3 d i o mic and used it for like 3 videos…. hopefully the dude charged the money back

  • Brady Arnold

    Boooo! I wish no one would have bought this because now it only encourages her to do more moronic shit like this. Seriously fam, you need to be demanding your money back!

  • Gummy_Grizzly

    This cost $700? For $700, I would expect her to at least be fully nude and show everything off.

  • EddieWine

    For 22mins of shitty, non-nude kind ASMR. Dude should have spent it on a hooker instead, got a lot more for his money!

  • fucking lovely!

  • Gilberto

    for $700 she should fist is own ass

  • Albert Covington

    Anyone else got a hankerin’ for some pizza?!