Hungry Lips

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Hungry Lips is a female ‘ASMR’ content creator from California, USA. She started making videos since 22 march 2015 and has made 49+ videos since, gaining around 32.000+ subscribers and accumulating over 2.700.000+ views.

There has been a lot of discussion about her channel on Reddit and YouTube. A lot of people are questioning if her channel serves real ASMR purposes, and wheter or not the term ASMR is used properly. In some of her uploads (where she wears a wig) she often shows cleavage and nudity. She also started selling several NSFW videos through Patreon, Facebook and Paypal.

She is currently selling a topless video for around $600 USD:

With purchase you will receive a gift you can choose a sexy audio custom for you or a sexy lingerie photo with my g string

Current Channel Description:

Hi Guys! Welcome to my Channel where I do ASMR videos. This is something I like to do. I love making you guys happy and creating great videos for you to enjoy and relax too. I have dreams and goals that I am pursuing and want to achieve. I made an account on and I’m hoping this can help me make more videos put lots of time for you guys and go after my dreams at the same time. Its a lot to do but it is a fun journey. I would love to take you along with me. I enjoy doing this. Thank you for all the support and for watching my videos and subscribing.



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