KneeColeslaw Chokes Cat

KneeColeslaw, a streamer on Twitch, has been banned on January 2nd because of an incident with her cats. Just watch the video, and decide for yourself if this is animal abuse or not.

Her response on Twitter:

First off, I want to apologize to anyone offended by this video. However, let me make this very clear. I am NOT choking or abusing my cat in that small clip that gives absolutely no context as to what was happening. I put Minou onto my lap to dance with her and have a little fun. She did not like what I was doing and tried to get away. In doing so, she dug a claw into the skin on my elbow. You can even see it bleeding after. In order to get her claw out of my elbow without it just ripping out, I had to hold her down. The face I am making is not one of aggression but one of pain. I realize how bad it looks in the clip, especially with no context, but I in NO WAY was choking her or hurting her in any way. I love my animals more than anyone can imagine. These are not just my pets, they are my babies. They are my family.

In regards to the video with Winston (the black cat), again, I was NOT choking him. I was holding him up and supporting his chest with my hand, his bottom with my legs and the rest of his body was being supported by my chest. His meows were nothing more than him being annoyed. It was poor judgment to annoy him but physically he was in no way harmed or in danger whatsoever. As for the statement about asserting dominance over him, it was a bad joke in bad taste. Again, I love my animals. They are my world. I am very sorry to the people I offended and it will not happen again.

PETA is also investigating the events.

She will probably be unbanned on Twitch give or take a few days.