LegendaryLea is a Twitch streamer with 465,000+ followers. She started playing video games when she was 5 with her older brothers on Super Nintendo where she fell in love with games like Super Mario and Chrono Trigger. The first MMORPG that she played was EverQuest, moved onto EQII, and finally landed in WOW. Other MMORPGs that she has dipped her toes in are: Age of Conan, Guild Wars 2, SWTOR. Things she enjoy besides gaming: Surfing, yoga, hiking, going to the movies.

She doesn’t have tattoos or piercings. Her ears are not pierced because for her it was one less thing to worry about and she doesn’t really see the point in putting holes in her ears.

Picture packs


All of these are recorded sub map moments in hot outfits, converted to WebM format for lowest possible file size:

New 71 webm pack unjoined: Download
12 clip pack 2-4min each: Download
August 22 webm: Download
Black dress webm: Download
Flower dress webm: Download
Skirt webm: Download
Random submap webm: Download
(you need winrar)

Oktoberfest Upskirt

lea is ready

LegendaryLea Pictures